The HARP & FINIAL® collection was curated with a fashionable, modern customer in mind. Our mantra – DESIGN IS IN THE DETAILS® – truly is the foundation for everything we create. Our focus on craftsmanship and quality is equally as important as our commitment to offering trendsetting style. Thoughtful, unexpected details are incorporated into every piece. Although our collection features the latest trends, our items are modern classics, which will stand the test of time.

Yes, we’re the new kids on the manufacturing block, but with founders who have been merchants, we understand what customers need and desire from a manufacturer. Today’s marketplace is complex, so we do all in our power to create uncomplicated processes and easy to feature high-style looks. HARP & FINIAL® launched at the January 2015 Las Vegas Market with 270 distinctive items to suit every style. Our detailed approach to home decor is evident in each category we’ve created from furniture, art, and accessories to mirrors, lamps, pillows and throws. 



In 2005, at age 23, the Howards co-founded their first retail furniture store. Jay served as CEO, Christine as Creative Director, and Lauren as the Senior Buyer. Through the team’s design collaboration and keen eye for product development, the chain successfully grew to 21 stores across eight states and was ultimately sold to a private equity firm.

After learning much from their accomplishments in retail, the three have done it again! They’re interjecting their trademark style and innovative design ideas into the wholesale side of the business. HARP & FINIAL® was born through a partnership with parent company, StyleCraft, out of a vision of adding an elevated, lifestyle brand to the company’s successful product assortment currently in the marketplace. Also joining the trio is Anne-Clayton McCaul, who will use her public relations and social media background to keep HARP & FINIAL® top-of-mind in an ever-changing marketplace. The team is dedicated to remaining on the forefront of design by continually evolving the matchless HARP & FINIAL® collection.